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Welcome to Gary's Guitars 

800 Islington St.

Portsmouth, NH   03801

(603) 427-6133


Monday 10 to 7, Tuesday to Thursday 10 to 6, Friday and Saturday 10 to 5:30

Wednesday July 30 open from 10-2 only

Please go to facebook and check out our wall for even more info and updates.

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I've owned, and loved playing, this 1965 Fender Jazz Bass since 1982.  I played 1,000 gigs with it and she never let me down!  When I bought it the paint had been removed from the neck and body, the pickguard and decal were also gone.  Immediately after I bought it Mike Endicott did the beautiful Lake Placid Blue refin and found an original decal.  WD had just come out with "Mint" Green pickguards so I installed one to get the appropriate look.  Everything else is original (OK, I did put a new Switchcraft jack in about 20 years ago) and working perfectly.  As I am no longer playing regularly this fine instrument has been feeling neglected.  So, I put on some fresh Elixir strings, gave her a complete set-up and am now offering it for sale.  The price is $5,000 (I will take $4,850 if you can pay in cash) and includes the original Hard Shell Case.  I admit to some partiality but I do know this is the best bass I've ever played.






Let me tell you about this Epiphone DOT.  It started life in 2000 as a typical Korean-made DOT.  In the past few years it has been turned into the best DOT in the world!!  Everything has been up-graded......Lollar Imperial Pick-ups, CTS pots & switch, Switchcraft jack, Kluson tuners, Tone Pro bridge and tailpiece, Orange Drop tone caps AND Scott Miller made a Bone Nut and did a fretdress.  Is it better than a Gibson 335?  Probably!!  So, the owner enjoyed the whole process, loved the guitar and is now ready to pass his creation on.  I think the price of $699 is way more than fair.  


One of the rarest electric guitars ever, a first year 1963 Guild S-200 Thunderbird!!  This one has been refinished (not very well) but is otherwise original, yes it still has its kickstand.  I gave it a good going over and everything is working, and the set-up is good too.   Included for $2500 is a letter from Guild verifying the year and a nice old (Vox??) HSC.







The little solution to so many problems....a Fishman Loudbox Mini 60 watt.  Plug your guitar into channel 1, your vocal mic into channel 2 and you are ready to hit the stage.  At 19 lbs it is very portable and sounds a lot bigger than it looks.  Built-in reverb and chorus, DI out and aux in for your convenience!  The price is $329.






This Epiphone G1275 looks killer on stage, and can prove quite useful too!   This one was made in Korea in 1996 and is super clean.  Don't be fooled by the inferior made in China one.  New strings, tweeked up and the HSC for $799.







Yup, that would be an Art & Lutherie Ami.  THE great solid top Parlor size guitar from Canada.  At $359 nothing even comes close!










A couple of nice 4 string Active basses at very reasonable prices!  On the left, an Ibanez EDB400 for $129 and on the right, an ESP LTD EC-104 for $149.  Ready to Rock?










Coming soon......



By popular demand, DR Pure Blues AND,

DR Legend Flat Wound Guitar Strings.
















1968 Fender Twin Reverb.  Original Oxford speakers, footswitch, tilt-back legs great reverb and temolo and a cover for $1299.  The amp that sounds great ALL the time!!














How about a very clean 1996 MIK Epiphone Les Paul Standard in Trans Green?  I just set it up and she is playing fine.  With the OHSC a mere $329!
















That would be a beautiful Fender "72 Tele Custom USA Reissue....in near perfect condition.  For $899 you also get the OHSC, the ashtray and both kinds of bridges (3 & 6 saddle).













Indeed, the Tuna Uke Display is full again!!















For those of you not familiar with what we do here at Gary's, "service" is the word to remember.  Next day guitar repairs, amp and electronic repairs by the end of the week.  A selection of guitars, amps and accessories that we have found to be tried and true, always a friendly ear and words of advice as well as some of the coolest, hard-to find-gear anywhere.  We strive to cover ALL the guitar basses 'cause we are the Seacoasts Guitar Specialists


That's the Gordon Carlisle mural.  I asked Gordon for something bright and, ya know, with a guitar in it.  


Click above or below to browse around.  The "map" page has directions how to get here.  Feel free to call or email with any questions.



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