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Welcome to Gary's Guitars 

800 Islington St.

Portsmouth, NH   03801

(603) 427-6133


Monday 10 to 7, Tuesday to Thursday 10 to 6, Friday and Saturday 10 to 5:30

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Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo Rustic.  This Jumbo-shaped/Auditorium sized Seagull is a great all around guitar.  Big enough to have a full tone and small enough to give the balance needed for fingerstyle.  Guess that's why it's so popular.  At $389 a sweet deal too!









Chris Pearnes brother Dennis gathered some old recordings of Chris and had some friends get together to record their versions of favorite Chris songs...here is the result, "Tracks In The Sand".  I have some to sell for $15 to help Dennis recoup the cost of the project.










Marcs been at it again!  He's chopped and modded this Leslie Model 25 (Orpheus) so it can be powered by any amp and is more portable.  It's from the '60s and has its original Jensen speaker.  Priced at $499, that includes the dual footswitch so you can access all 3 settings.









Ibanez Artcore AF105 Jazz Box.  Very nicely appointed with wood wherever possible & abalone inlays.  It is in VG+++ condition and plays great.  Get jazzy for $429 with OHSC.












Nearly new Hamer Sunburst A/T with HSC for $229.  It has a set-neck, arched-top and plays great.















Most of a Silvertone Model 1446 "Chris Isaacs" guitar.  From the early 60s it has little of the original hardware but the body & neck are in great shape.  Priced at $699, with its original chipboard case,  you might restore it!













That would be  a 1977 Hagstrom "Jimmy".  Designed by James L. D'Aquisto for Hagstrom in 1968 it was more traditional with f holes and 2 pick-ups.  Ten years later he redesigned it with an oval soundhole and 1 pick-up like this one.  Only 356 oval soundhole models were made!  I did quite a bit of inspecting and researching and can say that this Jimmy is very clean, in great playing condition and sounding very good.  Not original are the newer Hagstrom tuners, the strap buttons, the tuneamatic bridge and the Stonewall pick-up.  We are asking a lot less than other sellers at $3000.       













1935 Gibson-made, Wards-brand Carson J. Robison Tenor Guitar in excellent condition and intact mojo!  Newer Grover tuners and compensated saddle, just so you know.  She plays great sound great and looks beautiful.  $999 and you get to take her home.
















$79 Guitar....older Yamaha G-231 Classical with an issue or two but playing and sounding fine.























Shockingly clean 1953-1955 Gibson ES 125.  Looks to be original except the tuner buttons and does include that 1950 Lifton case!!  The action is very good and the dogear P-90 is a killer.  Price is $2000.























Pretty sweet Ibanez SR500.  Bartolini Pick-ups, active tones and nice HSC all for $329.



















1978 made in Japan Alvarez Yairi DY68 in very clean condition and with original hard shell case for $399.....there is a small crack in the top and the action is a bit high but still plays fine to the 5th fret or so and sounds very good



















For those of you not familiar with what we do here at Gary's, "service" is the word to remember.  Next day guitar repairs, amp and electronic repairs by the end of the week.  A selection of guitars, amps and accessories that we have found to be tried and true, always a friendly ear and words of advice as well as some of the coolest, hard-to find-gear anywhere.  We strive to cover ALL the guitar basses 'cause we are the Seacoasts Guitar Specialists


That's the Gordon Carlisle mural.  I asked Gordon for something bright and, ya know, with a guitar in it.  


Click above or below to browse around.  The "map" page has directions how to get here.  Feel free to call or email with any questions.



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