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Welcome to Gary's Guitars 

800 Islington St.

Portsmouth, NH   03801

(603) 427-6133


Monday 10 to 7, Tuesday to Thursday 10 to 6, Friday and Saturday 10 to 5:30

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1968 Fender Twin Reverb.  Original Oxford speakers, footswitch, tilt-back legs great reverb and temolo and a cover for $1299.  The amp that sounds great ALL the time!!





An Adirondack spruce top, solid mahogany back & sides, slope shouldered, hand carved scallop-braced, K&K equipped guitar with a deluxe HSC for $799?  You betcha!  This Eastman E10SS has the above plus a pro set-up by Jack O' Brien who also made a custom pickguard, installed the K&K system and adjusted the bone nut and saddle for perfect action and intonation. 







The new, improved PA Rental deal.  A pair of Yamaha S12e speakers, a Peavey MP400 Powered Mixer and cables for $40 a day!  Add on a Shure SM 58 microphone or two (stand & cable included) for just $5 a day each.  Need it for more than 1 day?  Additional days are 1/2 price! 








Looking for a real nice nylon string?  Check out this 1992 Takamine NP-65C.  It was made in Japan and features a solid cedar top, rosewood back and sides, the Takamine Parametric EQ System and a hard shell case.......al for $499.






I won't go into the whole story (you could look it up) of this Gibson Anniversary Flood Les Paul from 2011.  I will say it is in nearly new condition, has a beautiful blue swirl finish and set-up just fine.  Add it to your arsenal for $999.








Here's a high-demand item.....a used, 2001, Seagull S6 in very clean condition.  I get lots of requests but they don't turn up often enough to meet the demand so........BTW $249 is the price.








Looking for some classic rock tone & volume?  Look no further....this late '70s Ampeg V-4 rig is just the ticket!  It does have a master volume mod which works fine, otherwise it's in good original condition.  Our price is $799 for the whole shooting match.









MINT 2010 Fender American Standard Stratocaster w/deluxe G&G case and all the case candy for $799.....how's that sound?











A Gibson Les Paul Studio from "back in the day", ie 1988.  It has been beefed up with Grover tuners, an EMG 81 in the bridge & EMG 60 in the neck.  I gave it a good going over and she is playing and sounding just right!  The price of $699 includes an intact, unbroken, original Gibson HSC.
















This just in.....a 2002 Ovation C2078LX Custom Elite LX in near mint condition.....and, it is a mere $499 with the original hard shell case!!


















Pictured above is a circa 1930s May Bell Tenor Banjo.  It has a calfskin head and plays just fine.  Could be yours for $129!













An innocent looking Squier Affinity Strat perhaps but upon a closer look you will find it has been upgraded with Fender Locking Tuners and Wilkenson Vintage '60s Pick-ups.  Whole Lotta Guitar for $139!!

















For those of you not familiar with what we do here at Gary's, "service" is the word to remember.  Next day guitar repairs, amp and electronic repairs by the end of the week.  A selection of guitars, amps and accessories that we have found to be tried and true, always a friendly ear and words of advice as well as some of the coolest, hard-to find-gear anywhere.  We strive to cover ALL the guitar basses 'cause we are the Seacoasts Guitar Specialists


That's the Gordon Carlisle mural.  I asked Gordon for something bright and, ya know, with a guitar in it.  


Click above or below to browse around.  The "map" page has directions how to get here.  Feel free to call or email with any questions.



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