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Last time I checked this was May 19, 2016 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Gibson Les Paul Studio Gold Top LEFT HANDED from 2013 in near perfect condition...OHSC and some case candy too! used $799

PRS Santana SE set neck dual humbucker tremolo beauty from Korea used $299

Ventura V29 P-Bass in very nice sunburst....our ne favorite starter bass new CALL

Guild Artist Award Blonde Left-Handed from 1975...the Guild "Flagship"...VG+++++ condition w/ there another lefty one anywhere???? used $4500

Electric Fretless Bass Banjo by Mike heard that right.....come take a gander used $999

Seagull S8 Mandolin in natural.....solid sitka spruce top on a one piece body....plays and sounds great! new $329


Epiphone Special I with P90s in good as new condition and fully set-up used $129

Art & Lutherie Folk Cedar Antiqueburst....High quality @ very reasonable price new $379


Ventura V9 Mahogany Soprano Uke....Our great starter Uke new CALL

Vantage VS-12...Quality 12 string made in Korea circa HSC no less used $199

PRS SE Singlecut....low mileage winner used $299

Peavey Predator Strat Crafted in the USA & not too bad used $99

Hofner Club Bass from 1964 with a refin sunburst finish and rewound pick-ups...rare and wonderful....OHSC too!! used $1999

Vega Style N Tenor Banjo made in Boston circa VG playing old hard shell case used $349


Ventura V29 P-Bass in finer bass in it's price range....START HERE! new CALL

Seagull S8 Mandolin in Burnt Umber...solid sitka spruce top, Tusq nut, Graph Tech bridge & brass tailpiece new $329

Kay 3/4 Acoustic from "back in the day" with good action and some mojo & chipboard case used $79

Ventura V25 Strat in Sunburst....START HERE new CALL
Ventura VWDO 3/4 Acoustic Guitar in Sunburst.....Great for kids or a nice travel guitar for adults new CALL

Art & Lutherie CW Spruce EQ in finer acou/elec at this price new $499

Ventura V25 Strat in Blue....out latest under $200 favorite Strat new CALL

Marma Banjolin made in GDR 1960s...."the worst of both worlds" uysed $79

Ventura V26 Telecaster in Sunburst....they got it pretty right! new CALL

Ventura V9 ZEBRA Soprano, dad, even the kids will love it new CALL
Luna 3/4 Mahogany acoustic....Quite nice and very clean used $89
Alvarez AD60SCLH....Left-Handed solid top acou/elec in near mint condition w/light-weight HSC used $299
Lakland 55-94 Fretless from 1996 (1st year I believe) in near mint class bass!! used $1999
Stromberg-Voisinet Parlor-size Painted-top Beauty made sometime before 1931....Very old & very cool used $349
Ventura VWDO Dreadnaught in natural....Quality looks and sound at this price?  you betcha new CALL
Gibson EB-0/3...How to turn an EB-0 into an EB-3 with a handmade neck by Mike Endicott used $1499
Ventura V15 Magenta "folk" size with cutaway....hard to belive at this price!! new CALL
Gretsch Streamliner Historic Series G3155 from 2001...just about perfect condition and much OHSC used $699
Gold Tone Cripple Creek 5 String Banjo in "minty" condition used $229
Fender G-5 Strat from 2012....Synth Guitar made EZ!~!!! used $599
Art & Lutherie Cedar Antiqueburst...solid top dreadnaught from Quebec new $379
Rickenbacker 330 in Fireglo from 2002...can almost pass for new with OHSC and paperwork used $1299
Art & Lutherie AMI Nylon Cedar...parlor size with beautiful nylon tone new $359
Ovation 1867 Legend from 2000 in VG+++ condition and OHSC used $499
Ibanez AR200 Gold Top double cutaway w/Duncan Jazz & Dimebuckers & Sperzels used $299
Gibson EB-1 from 1953...hard to find...incredible sound...original other then refinned neck...OHSC too used $3999
Epiphone 1958 Korina Flying V from 2008....VG+++ & HSC to boot! used $499
Ventura V9 Mahogany Concert selling starter Uke new CALL
Art & Lutherie Folk Spruce in there or be square new $379
Bass Banjo by Mike Endicott...Hand-made and sure to kick-start any musical gathering used $999
Behringer Strat.....Start here used $69
Aria 5 String Banjo in good working original chipboard case used $129
Seagull S6 Mahogany Deluxe A/E...nice, warm mahogany tones, great action and a built-in pick-up new $499
Epiphone DOT with HSC....MIK 2005 and quite nice used $399
Ventura V9 Mahogany Tenor Ule....the big boy with more tone and volume new CALL


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