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Last time I checked this was August 29, 2014 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Peavey Milestone III J-Style Bass in sunburst and VG++++ condition used $129

Regal dobro in Yellow!!   actually quite nice and in perfect HSC and steel and nice leather strap too!! used $299

Yamaha CG-130 Nylon String....surprisingly good tone and volume used $99

Indiana Scout Dreadnaught acoustic in this price it don't get much better!! used $99

Washburn D-10 in black....Perfectly good guitar w/Grovers no less! used $129

Austin APB-200 P-Bass in Sunburst....great basic P new $199

Jay Turser JT-50 SG....set-neck and great SG tones for short and ON SALE new $199

Lyon LI15 double cutaway, double humbucker, Grover equipped rockin machine used $99

Epiphone Les Paul Special from 1996 in great playing and pretty good looking condition used $99

Alvarez AJ60SC Jumbo acou/elec solid spruce top in Minty condition used $199

Saegull Coastline S6 Folk Cedar Q1......the acou/elec version of our favorite folk sized guitar from Canada new $529

Godin Redline HB in HG Black...."Quality shredder at a great price" so say the reviews....ON SALE new $399

Art & Lutherie Folk Cedar in Antiqueburst.....Smaller body is comfortable & fits just about anyone....Made in Canada with Solid Cedar top new $359

Peavey SC-1 Les Paul......VERY nice bolt-on neck version in MINT condition used $139

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar...that would be our favorite 12 string from our friends in Quebec new $499

Squier Strat in black w/MOP Pickguard......Like New and workin' fine used $99

Ventura V40 Solid Sitka Spruce top dreadnaught in tobacco sunburst....won't get much better in it's price range!! new CALL

Gibson/Baldwin Signature Series Les Paul Jr Style in Turquoise-Burst!!!  Has limitations but a good starter guitar used $69

Squier Affinity Strat in red....low mileage and playing fine used $99

Seagull S6 Original....the guitar that started it all!  Great quality & tone at a price that can't be beat new $429

Epiphone DOT....BEST DOT in the world......totally up-graded w/the best stuff.....made in Korea in 2000 used $699

Jasmine JD39 in natural......very nice starter guitar new $179

Ibanez EDB400 Active bass....a little worn cosmetically but playing and sounding just fine used $129


Jay Jr 3/4 steel string guitar (tobacco sunburst) PAK....our fave and comes with all you need to get started!! new $139

Ventura V17 Grand Concert size in nice natural gloss....a bit smaller body yet retains a full quality in its price range new CALL

Austin Super 6 LP Junior in TV Yellow...P-90, set neck and wraparound bridge....Ready To Rock used $179

Saegull Entourage CW Q1 Natural Spruce.....solid spruce top, acou/elec, built-in tuner and more new $499

Lanikai LUTU 21SP....the Pineapple TUNA Uke for something a bit different....gig bag not included new $99

Ventura V17 Grand Concert size in sunburst.....sweet lil guitar suitable for most any player new CALL


Squier Precision Bass made in Japan circa 1983 in sunburst......a pro bass with Deluxe Fender HSC used $399
Epiphone SG Special in black....wish there were guitars this good when I was starting to play!!! used $99
Ventura VWD2 in sunburst....the dreadnaught size with good hardware and construction.....our new fave started guitar new CALL
Austin APB-200 P-Bass in white....our BEST under $200 Bass....Plays Great! new $199
Art & Lutherie CW Cedar Q1 cutaway acou/elec w/solid cedar top and HSC....used but not much used $399
Seagull Maritime SWS Folk HG....yes, the all solid wood body does sound better....beautiful high gloss finish too new $699
Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo Q1 in Rustic.....rapidly becoming a VERY popular acou/elec guitar! new $499
Albee Balgochian A Bass circa late '70s...Electric size body & Upright size neck!!! with HSC.....may be the only one!!!! used $799
Epiphone G1275 6 & 12 string Double Neck MIK in 1996.....super clean and sounding HSC used $799
Tacoma Thunderhawk 6M-BC Baritone Acoustic made in USA 2004 with all solid woods and HUGE tones and OHSC and electronics!!!!! used $1099
Schecter C-1 Custom from 2009 in near mint condition.....usual Schecter features and Deluxe form-fitting HSC too used $459
ESP LTS EC-104 Active bass in "Like New" condition....BIG thump used $149
Ovation Collectors Edition 1990-7 in MINT condition....Birdseye Maple top & headstock, electronics and OHSC.....Unique used $699
Seagull Maritime SWS Folk...Less than a year old and in MINT condition.....All solid woods, HSC & Canadian quality at this price?? used $499
Lanikai LUTU 21S....Soprano Uke with compensated nut and adjustable saddles, play in tune!....gig bag not included new $99
Ventura V8 Classical.....very nice solid western cedar top nylon string for the intermediate guitarist new CALL
Seagull Maritime SWS HG  TOP of the line all solid woods HUGE tone and EZ on the fingers.....OUR BEST new $699
Art & Lutherie Cedar Left in Antiqueburst....beat solid top, non-Asian lefty anywhere near this price! new $399
Lanikai LUTU 11S....the "low-end" Soprano TUNA Uke, plain looking but still has all the features you want....gig bag not included new $89
Epiphone Les Paul Standard MIK in 1996 in Trans Green......"Near Mint" condition and playing OHSC used $329
Walden D560 solid top Dreadnaught, nice features and great construction, plays great too.....VG++++ used $229
Jay Jr 43 PAK (comes w/everything!!) in natural.....BEST inexpensive 3/4 steel string guitar I have found new $139
Art & Lutherie Folk Cedar in Antiqueburst...;the smallish guitar that has a sweet tone and is very comfy new $369


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