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Last time I checked this was October 3, 2015 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Seagull Coastline S6 Folk Cedar Q1....our ever-popular smaller bodied acoiustic from Canada, with electronics new $529

Stonecaster T...Scott Millers unique take on a Tele...Totally hand made with many ingenious features....Inc HSC new $2800

Seagull Entourage Rustic....solid cedar top, made in Canada....unbeatable at this price!! new $379

Ventura V9 Mahogany Soprano Uke....a bit less than the Zebrwood Soprano but just as nice new CALL

Jay Turser JT-220...Cool LP-style with HSC but without backplate...otherwise good used $139



Seagull Coastline S6 Folk Cedar....we love this smaller bodied acoustic from Canada with a solid top new $429


Fernades LE-2 made in Japan in 2004...VG+++ condition and Vintage Turquoise Metallic too! used $399


Godin Redline HB in HG Black...."Quality shredder at a great price" so say the reviews....ON SALE new $399

Ventura VWDO 3/4 acoustic with very low mileage used $99



Seagull Entourage Spruce CW Q1....BEAT deal in and acou/elec so say we all new   $499

Fender MIM Deluxe Series Jazz Bass from 1997...low mileage, active EQ and a hard shell case   used $399



Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 from 1974.....VERY clean and operational used $799

Blue Frog Firebird  Made in USA mix of Firebird and Telecaster...pretty nice too! used $499

Travis Bean TB-2000 from 1976....all original, plays great, couple of dings, OHSC used $3000



Crafter SJC-330EQ  very nice Korean-made cutaway acou/elec with a HSC no less used $329

Ventura V9 Mahogany Tenor Uke....a bit softer and warmer than our popular Zebrawood Tenor new CALL


Kay Semi-Hollow Elctric Bass with Mike Endicott Customizations.......check it out used $399


Seagull Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo....rapidly becoming my best seller!! new $389


Gibson 50s Tribute Les Paul from 2013...made in USA and in great condition used $599
Squier Bullet Strat in black.....I gave it the good set-up it needed and she is now "rockin" new $169
Lakland 55-94 Fretless from 1996 (1st year I believe) in near mint class bass!! used $1999
Ventura VWDO Dreadnaught in natural....Quality looks and sound at this price?  you betcha new CALL
Silvertone Model 1446 circa early 60s...original wood  & case but not much else....still looks cool and plays great used $699
Harmony H-4 Lap Steel from 1955 in Grey Pearloid....Gibson P13 Pick-up....original and working nicely used $259
Ventura VWDO in RED....and it is a nice red too new CALL
Ventura V9ZEBRAWOOD Concert Uke......sounds better, plays better and looks better than other ukes in it's price range new CALL
Ventura VWDO 3/4 in Tobacco Sunburst....classy lookin' axe for the kids new CALL
Ventura VWDO 3/4 in Red Sunburst....classic look, great action and plenty of tone....Start Here! new CALL
Alvarez Yairi DY68 12 string made in Japan.....a couple of issues but overall a beautiful guitar with OHSC used $399
Fernandes Decade Deluxe made in Japan circa late 1990s in VG++++ condition....Lace Sensor Pick-ups too! used $299
Fender American Standard Tele with Bigsby from 2009....great condition and OHSC included used $799
Ventura V9ZEBRAWOOD Soprano Uke....BEST uke going new CALL
Seagull S6 Original.....our all time best selling guitar and still going strong!! new $439
Art & Lutherie Folk Cedar in Antiqueburst...;the smallish guitar that has a sweet tone and is very comfy new $369
Grand Prix Strat....proof that our $89 guitars play fine, sound good and play in tune used $89


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