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Last time I checked this was December 3, 2016 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Hagstorm Jimmy D'Aquisto Oval Soundhole Archtop from of only 356 and original except Stonewall Custom newer HSC used $2999

Seagull S6 Classic M-450T....the latest update on the original Seagull including electronics! new $399

Martin D-18 from 1970....all around winner with pretty high action used $1199

Takamine EG440C STBQ in blue....cutaway acou/elec....sound good and look sharp! used $199

Electric Fretless Bass Banjo by Mike heard that right.....come take a gander...accepting offers used $999

Collings 0003 Cutaway from acoustic guitar in pristine K&K Pick-up & OHSC used $3500

Seagull S6 Original...LOW mileage and perfectly fine used $329

Fender Partscaster...'62 MIJ bound Tele body & elec, Squier Standard Strat neck and tooled leather pickguard...came out very nice used $349

Harmony Rebel Reissue MIK & quite nicely used $299

La Patrie Concert Classical....solid cedar top, solid mahogany back & sides....a real guitar for a modest HSC new $559

Sigma SDM-18 from 1993.....solid spruce top, scalloped bracing & very low HSC used $259

Vantage VS-12 12 string dreadnaught made in Korea some time ago in good working order used $199

Yamaha FD01S solid top dreadnaught....repiared crack in neck otherwise OK used $99

Art & Lutherie Roadhouse E/A Parlor size  in Faded Black....acou/elec (Fishman) with solid top and usual Godin quality new $479

Fender FM53S solid top Mandolin in VG+++ condition Used $149
Austin APB200 P-Bass in Sunburst.....still one of the better beginners basses used $99

Seagull S6 Concert Hall Q1T in Burnt Umber....the great new OOO-size acou/elec from Canada..."Nearly New" condition used $399

Ventura V9 Mahogany Soprano Uke....Our favorite starter Ukes new CALL

Ventura V29 P-Bass in finer bass in it's price range....START HERE! new CALL

Godin Freeway 4 P/J Bass...great action and plenty of great HSC & made in NH too! used $299

Art & Lutherie Americana Q1T in Tennessee Red...GREAT new vintage look....acou/elec too! new $499

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II in "Good as New" condition....includes upgrade roller tuneamatic and OHSC used $379
Kalamazoo KG31 from 1938...may be the most beautiful guitar in town!!  old but non-original HSC included used $1499

Art & Lutherie Legacy Q1T OOO size acou/elec in Tennessee Red...beautiful new color new $499

La Patrie Etude solid top nylon string from Godin....our best selling hard shell case new $469

Ventura V17 OOO size in, dad even the kids will love this comfy EZ playing acoustic guitar new CALL

Gibson Flying V Custom Shop from 2006 in unusual Metallic Black with Red Multi original EMG Pick-ups & HSC....LOW mileage! used $2500

Seagull Entourage Rustic Mini Jumbo...the great in-between size acoustic new $399
Ventura V9 Mahogany Concert Ukulele Plays and sounds just fine and the price is great new CALL
Art & Lutherie Roadhouse E/A Parlor size in Tennessee Red.....acou/elec (Fishman) with great vintage vibe new $479
Squier Bronco Bass....very nice short scale in excellent playing condition used $99
Ventura V17 OOO size in Tobacco Sunburst....our most popular started guitar new CALL
Alvarez RD25S 2004 Anniversary solid spruce top dreadnaught with HSC used $199
Aria Pro II ZZ Standard MIJ around 1986...100% original and playing OHSC no less used $299
Gibson EB-0/3...How to turn an EB-0 into an EB-3 with a handmade neck by Mike Endicott used $1499
Fender Standard Strat from 2003 in sunburst with maple neck....tip top shape used $299
Art & Lutherie Americana Q1T in Bourbon Burst...solid top, electronics & cool new look new $499
Alvarez Silver Princess 5 string banjo MIJ circa 1970s...Vega Tubaphone clone in VG+++ OHSC used $499
Stromberg Custom Newport arch top jazz box from 2009...a few upgrades from the standard and a TKL HSC used $899
Alvarez RD8 in Dark Brown with HSC....LOW mileage used $149
Hand Made 5 string Banjo by Mike Endicott & Jeff Wager....beautiful birdseye maple & not included new $750
Art & Lutherie Legacy Q1T in Bourbon Burst Same old Godin quality....brand new vintage look....we like it!! new $499
Art & Lutherie AMI Cedar in Antiqueburst.....don't get no better in a Parlor size! new $359
Ovation 1867 Legend from 2000 in VG+++ condition and OHSC used $499
Ventura VWDO 3/4 in Natural....great price on a great beginner acoustic guitar new CALL
Gibson EB-1 from 1953...hard to find...incredible sound...original other then refinned neck...OHSC too used $3999
Seagull Coastline Momentum A/E HG...NEW MODEL with high gloss finish and the first on your block! new $499
Ventura V9 Mahogany Tenor Ukulele....unbeatable new CALL
War Lord strat (project?) nice neck-thru body design with crappy hardware used $199
Montaya EG-2 MIJ circa 1970 electric w/2pick-ups that sound quite nice used $99
Bass Banjo by Mike Endicott...Hand-made and sure to kick-start any musical gathering....accepting offers used $999
Epiphone Les Paul from 2004 in 'burst with issues here! used $299
RARE used Art & Lutherie AMI in Antiqueburst with TRIC HSC too!! used $329
Epiphone Special II in Worn Cherry with P-90 Pick-ups.....looks new to me! used $99
Harmony Rebel from 1972....DeArmond pick-ups, nice trem and cool sliders used $399
Seagull Merlin M4 with solid Spruce or Mahogany top and Seagull Gig Bag new $149
Art & Lutherie Americana Q1T dreadnaught in Faded Black with electronics new $499


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