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Last time I checked this was February 2, 2016 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Seagull Coastline S6 Folk Cedar Q1....our ever-popular smaller bodied acoiustic from Canada, with electronics new $529

Stonecaster T...Scott Millers unique take on a Tele...Totally hand made with many ingenious features....Inc HSC new $2800

Ventura V29 P-Bass in very nice sunburst....our ne favorite starter bass new CALL


Oscar Schmidt Zither....wicked old and very challenging....make an offer if you dare used offer

Seagull S8 Mandolin in natural.....solid sitka spruce top on a one piece body....plays and sounds great! new $399


Epiphone Special I with P90s in good as new condition and fully set-up used $129

Seagull Entourage Rustic CW Q1  Got some mileage but still purring and ready for more used $299

Fernades LE-2 made in Japan in 2004...VG+++ condition and Vintage Turquoise Metallic too! used $399

Ventura VWDO 3/4 size guitar in black....great for the young ones and the old ones too!! new CALL

Keith Urban Player Model Dreadnaught with cutaway and electronics in VG+++ condition used $169



Hofner Club Bass from 1964 with a refin sunburst finish and rewound pick-ups...rare and wonderful....OHSC too!! used $1999
Fender Rhodes Mark I Stage 73 from 1974.....VERY clean and operational used $699

Vega Style N Tenor Banjo made in Boston circa VG playing old hard shell case used $349

Travis Bean TB-2000 from 1976....all original, plays great, couple of dings, OHSC used $3000

Ventura V29 P-Bass in finer bass in it's price range....START HERE! new CALL

Seagull S8 Mandolin in Burnt Umber...solid sitka spruce top, Tusq nut, Graph Tech bridge & brass tailpiece new $449

Silvertone/Danelectro U2 Bass from 1959....with the "PJs" HSC.....makes you want to start a band used $699

Ventura V25 Strat in Sunburst....START HERE new CALL

Kay Semi-Hollow Electric Bass with Mike Endicott Customizations.......check it out used $399

Ventura V25 Strat in Blue....out latest under $200 favorite Strat new CALL


Ventura V26 Telecaster in Sunburst....they got it pretty right! new CALL

Seagull S6 Cedar Concert Hall...great new 000-size....always my favorite new $429
Tradition Les Paul with a set neck....very playable and in nearly new condition used $129
Lakland 55-94 Fretless from 1996 (1st year I believe) in near mint class bass!! used $1999
Ventura VWDO Dreadnaught in natural....Quality looks and sound at this price?  you betcha new CALL
Aria Pro II PE-40 Anniversary MIJ in 1998 w/quilted maple top and abalone inays and binding....VERY low HSC used $699
Fender Telecaster from 1966....restored with blonde refin, new decal, new frets and rewound pickups...2nd best tele according to Mike E. used $3999
Taylor XXXV-T3-C from 2009....Very Limited Edition with cocobola condition & OHSC used $2999
Ventura V-1007 from the 1970s 175 clone in VG++++ condition....OHSC too! used $499
Seagull Maritime SWS HG in "Nearly-New" condition with a Fishman Matrix Infinity Pick-up system no less used $629
Alvarez Yairi DY68 12 String from 1978.....Plays and sounds very nice now that Scott MIller has fixed the action.....OHSC too used $399
Ventura V26 Telecaster in (dark) white....unique new CALL
Gibson EB-1 from 1953...hard to find...incredible sound...original other then refinned neck...OHSC too used $3999
Fender Blacktop Baritone Tele....discontinued and who knows why....add a new dimension to your sound used $399
Art & Lutherie Folk Spruce in there or be square new $379
Bass Banjo by Mike Endicott...Hand-made and sure to kick-start any musical gathering used $999
Seagull Coastline Grand....the little guitar that can new $429
Kay K42 Archtop....17"er from 1949....Plays fine (HUGE neck) and sounds good...awesome headstock!! used $499
Gibson Faded SG from 2008 with low mileage and chrome covers added and HSC used $549
Gibson ES 125 from 1957 modified to a one-of-a-kind gold-top!!! used $1699


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