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Last time I checked this was May 28, 2015 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Ventura V9 Flame Maple Tenor Uke.....Beautiful and great sounding.....Best in its class new CALL

Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo Rustic....our great all purpose acoustic from Canada new $389


Epiphone Les Paul Classic Birdseye from 1993.....made in Korea, 2 EMG 81s and that great Birdseye top used $399

Squier Affinity Jazz Bass....set-up well and looks like new...get started here used $139

Austin APB-200 P-Bass in Sunburst....great basic P new $179

Squier Bullet Strat in Arctic White.....tweeked and ready to go new $169


Hamer Sunburst A/T double cut-arched top, dual humbucker, set-neck beauty with HSC too!! used $229

Fernades LE-2 made in Japan in 2004...VG+++ condition and Vintage Turquoise Metallic too! used $399

No Name Partscaster....USA Pick-ups, Fender tuners and saddles and licensed neck from Mighty Mite.....Quite nice!! used $199

Godin Redline HB in HG Black...."Quality shredder at a great price" so say the reviews....ON SALE new $399

Crescent P-Bass in greenburst!  Medium scale length so great for the younger/shorter set used $99

Martin D12-2832 Shenandoah 12 string from 1990 in VG++++ condition.....has pick-up and HSC too used $899

Ibanez ATK300 Bass....triple coil pickup, active EQ and quite a bit of mojo.....onc HSC used $299

Jackson JS22R Dinky Strat...someone had at it with the finish but it's working fine used $99

Zager ZAD-50CE/VS Acou/Elec solid spruce top cutaway dreadnaught....plays and sounds very good used $329

Art & Lutherie AMI Nylon Cedar in perfect condition...go small but keep your tone used $279

Yamaha FG JR JR-1....very nice 'lil guitar used $99

G&L ASAT Special Semi-Hollow made in USA, Designed by Leo and playing great....OHSC included used $899

Ventura VWDO drearnaught in natural, just the way we like 'em new CALL


Schecter Hellcat it a bas or a guitar?   well, its really both....update of the old Fender Bass VI used $399

Ventura V9 Spalted Maple Soprano Uke....outrageous new CALL

Art & Lutherie AMI....the friendly Parlor size guitar from Canada new $349

SKV one on me!  I can say it set-up better than most and is "Barely Used" used $129


Kay Semi-Hollow Elctric Bass with Mike Endicott Customizations.......check it out used $399

Kohala Akamai AK-Baritone Uke.....another all mahogany winner!! new $169


Squier Affinity know what I mean used $89

Fender FR-50 Dobro with DiMarzio Humbucker in VG+++ condition used $299
Epiphone SG Special with VERY low mileage and nice hard shell case used $139
Squier Bullet Strat in black.....I gave it the good set-up it needed and she is now "rockin" new $169
Godin 5th Avenue CW Kingpin II in VG++++ condition.....P-90s and HSC used $699
Ventura V9 Spalted Maple Concert Uke.....    
Silvertone Model 1446 circa early 60s...original wood  & case but not much else....still looks cool and plays great used $699
Ibanez SR500 Bass w/Bartolinis, active tones, 24 frets and HSC used $329
Art & Lutherie Folk Spruce in Burgundy....We love it & think you will too new $379
Yamaha FG01S solid top dreadnaught in perfectly good shape used $99
Ventura VWDO in RED....and it is a nice red too new CALL
Ventura V17 Auditorium size in Natural.....more and more impressed with the Ventura guitars, you will be too new CALL
Ventura V9ZEBRAWOOD Concert Uke......sounds better, plays better and looks better than other ukes in it's price range new CALL
Ibanez SA160 in Sunburst...."like New" and playing great with LOW action....INC Gator HSC $199  
First Act P-Bass in black sparkle....plays good, sounds fine and looks cool....that's a lot for $99!! used $99
Fender American Standard Strat Left-Handed in Seafoam Green from 2011...DiMarzio & Stonewall Pick-ups OHSC & case candy used $999
Squier Bullet Strat in Sunburst....They get 'em close @ the factory....I take them the rest of the way! new $169
Alvarez Yairi DY68 12 string made in Japan.....a couple of issues but overall a beautiful guitar with OHSC used $399
Ventura V9 Zebrawood Tenor Uke.....This is the UKE for you new CALL
Ibanez AF105 NT....Jazzy Artcore w/deeper body & floating pick-up...Very clean and set-up just right w/DR OHSC used $429
Gibson ES 125 from 1953-1955 in VG++++ condition....includes 1950s Lifton HSC too used $2000
Ventura V9ZEBRAWOOD Soprano Uke....BEST uke going new CALL
Seagull S6 Original.....our all time best selling guitar and still going strong!! new $439
Art & Lutherie Folk Cedar in Antiqueburst...;the smallish guitar that has a sweet tone and is very comfy new $369
Grand Prix Strat....proof that our $89 guitars play fine, sound good and play in tune used $89


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