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Last time I checked this was July 28, 2016 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Hagstorm Jimmy D'Aquisto Oval Soundhole Archtop from of only 356 and original except Stonewall Custom newer HSC used $2999


Ventura V29 P-Bass in very nice sunburst....our ne favorite starter bass new CALL

Guild Artist Award Blonde Left-Handed from 1975...the Guild "Flagship"...VG+++++ condition w/ there another lefty one anywhere???? used $4500

Electric Fretless Bass Banjo by Mike heard that right.....come take a gander used $999

Martin Stinger ST2 Strat from the 1980s in good working order used $99

Ventura V9 ZEBRA Soprano Ukulele....looks as good as it plays & sounds new CALL

Epiphone Special I with P90s in good as new condition and fully set-up used $129

No-Name Strat....VERY light and after getting a good set-up perfectly OK used $99

La Patrie Concert Classical....solid cedar top, solid mahogany back & sides....a real guitar for a modest HSC new $559



Fender Custom Shop 1960 Stratocaster NOS from signs of it ever being original brown HSC and all the candy used $1999

Squier by Fender Strat....a slightly older & better version used $129

Ventura V9 ZEBRA Concert Ukulele....most popular size in attractive Zebra wood new CALL

Epiphone Rivoli short scale bass from 1997....Curtic Novak Mudbucker pick-up added with great HSC used $699


Ventura V29 P-Bass in finer bass in it's price range....START HERE! new CALL

Seagull S8 Mandolin in Burnt Umber...solid sitka spruce top, Tusq nut, Graph Tech bridge & brass tailpiece new $329


Ventura V25 Strat in Sunburst....START HERE new CALL
Ventura VWDO 3/4 Acoustic Guitar in Sunburst.....Great for kids or a nice travel guitar for adults new CALL

Art & Lutherie CW Spruce EQ in finer acou/elec at this price new $499

Ventura V25 Strat in Blue....out latest under $200 favorite Strat new CALL

Ventura V17 OOO size in, dad even the kids will love this comfy EZ playing acoustic guitar new CALL


Ventura V9 Mahogany Soprano Ukulele....our best seller and with good reason new CALL
Ventura V9 Eastern Koa Concert Ukulele....nice rich, warm tone new CALL
Seagull S6 Classic M-450T.....the usual Seagull appointments without excess new $399
Ventura V17 OOO size in Tobacco Sunburst....our most popular started guitar new CALL
Ventura VWDO Dreadnaught in natural....Quality looks and sound at this price?  you betcha new CALL
Gibson EB-0/3...How to turn an EB-0 into an EB-3 with a handmade neck by Mike Endicott used $1499
Ventura V9 Mahogany Concert uke at this price point new CALL
La Patrie Etude Nylon string....solid cedar top classical....add some mellower tones to your arsenal new $469
Fender G-5 Strat from 2012....Synth Guitar made EZ!~!!! used $399
Art & Lutherie Cedar Antiqueburst...solid top dreadnaught from Quebec new $379
Rickenbacker 330 in Fireglo from 2002...can almost pass for new with OHSC and paperwork used $1299
Ovation 1867 Legend from 2000 in VG+++ condition and OHSC used $499
Ventura VWDO 3/4 in Natural....great price on a great beginner acoustic guitar new CALL
Gibson EB-1 from 1953...hard to find...incredible sound...original other then refinned neck...OHSC too used $3999
Epiphone 1958 Korina Flying V from 2008....VG+++ & HSC to boot! used $499
Art & Lutherie Folk Spruce in there or be square new $379
Bass Banjo by Mike Endicott...Hand-made and sure to kick-start any musical gathering used $999
Fender ltd ed American Standard Tele HH made only during May, 2015 and no longer available....Mint OHSC used $1199
Ventura VWDO 3/4 in Redbusrt...great guitar fors children and adults! new CALL
Seagull S6 Mahogany Deluxe A/E...nice, warm mahogany tones, great action and a built-in pick-up new $499
Fender Starcaster Strat...they don't set 'em up at the factory but it is fine after I did used $89
Ventura V9 Mahogany Tenor Uke....the big boy with more tone and volume new CALL


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