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Last time I checked this was January 29, 2015 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Ventura V9 Flame Maple Tenor Uke.....Beautiful and great sounding.....Best in its class new CALL

Seagull Entourage Spruce CW Q1   the great cutaway acou/elec from our friends north of the border new $499

Ventura V9 Zebrawood Soprano Uke.....striking new CALL

Eastwood Rocket 6 in longer made, very low mileage & working great used $299


Austin APB-200 P-Bass in Sunburst....great basic P new $179

Squier Bullet Strat in Arctic White.....tweeked and ready to go new $169


Hohner HC-06 nylon string guitar in VG+++ condition used $99

Ventura V9 Zebrawood Concert Uke.....Beautiful new CALL

No Name Partscaster....USA Pick-ups, Fender tuners and saddles and licensed neck from Mighty Mite.....Quite nice!! used $199

Godin Redline HB in HG Black...."Quality shredder at a great price" so say the reviews....ON SALE new $399


Martin D12-2832 Shenandoah 12 string from 1990 in VG++++ condition.....has pick-up and HSC too used $899

Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar...that would be our favorite 12 string from our friends in Quebec new $499


Ventura V40 Solid Sitka Spruce top dreadnaught in tobacco sunburst....won't get much better in it's price range!! new CALL

Squier Bullet Strat in Sunburst....single humbucker and 2 single coils = Fat Strat new $169

Yamaha FG JR JR-1....very nice 'lil guitar used $99

Austin AA25-DL.....Left Handed Dreadnaught....our best "starter" Lefty new $179

Seagull Entourage Rustic THE best buy in a solid top acoustic.....period! new $379

Ventura V9 Spalted Maple Concert Uke.....Spectacular new CALL


Ventura V9 Spalted Maple Soprano Uke....outrageous new CALL

Jay Jr 3/4 steel string guitar (tobacco sunburst) PAK....our fave 3/4 and comes with all you need to get started!! new $139

SKV one on me!  I can say it set-up better than most and is "Barely Used" used $129

Austin Super 6 LP Junior in TV Yellow...P-90, set neck and wraparound bridge....Ready To Rock used $179

Ventura VWDO acoustic in black.....I LOVE 'em new CALL

Kohala Akamai AK-Baritone Uke.....another all mahogany winner!! new $169


Squier Affinity know what I mean used $89

Tacoma Roadking DR8C....high mileage but still ticking quite nicely....Fishman Classic 4T electronics used $299
Ventura V17 Folk size guitar in natural......Yup, our new fave new CALL
Squier Bullet Strat in black.....I gave it the good set-up it needed and she is now "rockin" new $169
Cordoba GK10 Studio in MINT condition....Fishman Presys Blend electronics and original bag included used $499
Ventura V9 Spalted Maple Concert Uke.....    
Seagull Maritime SWS Folk HG....yes, the all solid wood body does sound better....beautiful high gloss finish too new $699
Yamaha AES 720   very cool Les Paul update w/DiMArzios & Grovers & SKB HSC used $299
Peavey Predator EXP Plus....Floyd Rose, dual humbuckers & priced right! used $129
Ventura VWDO in BLUE....and it is a nice blue too new CALL
Ventura VWD4 Classical.....start here new CALL
Steinberger L-2 from 1985....original and in VG+++ handmade leather gig bag used $2399
Ovation Collectors Edition 1990-7 in MINT condition....Birdseye Maple top & headstock, electronics and OHSC.....Unique used $599
Kohala TIKI Soprano Uke in Ocean Blue....nice starter Uke new $89
Squier Bullet Strat in Sunburst....They get 'em close @ the factory....I take them the rest of the way! new $169
Seagull Maritime SWS HG  TOP of the line all solid woods HUGE tone and EZ on the fingers.....OUR BEST new $699
Fender DG10/12 12 string acoustic.............cosmetically challenged but playing fine used $129
Ventura V9 Zebrawood Tenor Uke.....This is the UKE for you new CALL
Squier Bullet Jazz Bass in black....nice replica with alder body and skinny nut new $199
Fender Jeff Beck Strat from 2007 with Suhr Pick-ups just like Jeff uses!!  HSC & Case Candy too used $1299
Art & Lutherie Folk Cedar in Antiqueburst...;the smallish guitar that has a sweet tone and is very comfy new $369


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