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Last time I checked this was April 22, 2014 (all guitars include a gig bag unless otherwise noted)    

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Ibanez GTR50 P-Bass in blue.....great starter or back-up axe used $129

Kohala KT-C TIKI Concert Uke in purple.....everyone loves the Soprano TIKI so I'm giving the concerts a shot new $69

May Bell Tenor Banjo circa 1930s....calfskin head and good overall condition...sorry no case used $129

Epiphone DOT in black...."Barely Used" and working just fine used $259

Cort MR710F-A/E solid spruce top acou/elec w/Fishman Classic 4 electronics and MIK used $259

Austin APB-200 P-Bass in Sunburst....great basic P new $199

Jay Turser JT-50 SG....set-neck and great SG tones for short and ON SALE new $199

Lyon LI15 double cutaway, double humbucker, Grover equipped rockin machine used $99

Seagull S6 from 2001 in Very Clean condition and sounding great used $249


Ventura V15 Parlor in Trans Black....may be our new inexpensive fave!! new CALL

Godin Redline HB in HG Black...."Quality shredder at a great price" so say the reviews....ON SALE new $399



Seagull Coastline S12 Cedar...that would be our favorite 12 string from our friends in Quebec new $499

Dean Backwoods 6 is it a Banjo? it a Guitar?....well, it's OHSC used $229

Ventura V40 Solid Sitka Spruce top dreadnaught in tobacco sunburst....won't get much better in it's price range!! new CALL

Gibson Les Paul Studio in Wine Red from 1988 w/EMGs (a 81 & a 60), Grovers and OHSC used $699


Lanakai LUTU-21SP...the Pineapple shaped Tuna-Uke...might be our new fave....and FREE gig bag new $89

Kohala KP-B for Baritone Ukulele and "P" for Pack = gig bag & Tuner included new $99

Jasmine JD39 in natural......very nice starter guitar with a hard shell case! new $229

Art & Lutherie AMI in Burgundy....from 2010 but hardly played, ie "Like New" used $229


Jay Jr 3/4 steel string guitar (tobacco sunburst) PAK....our fave and comes with all you need to get started!! new $139

Ventura V41 Solid Sitka Spruce top cutaway Dreadnaught w/ pick-up, preamp and built-in tuner....I suggest you give it a strum new CALL

Austin Super 6 LP Junior in TV Yellow...P-90, set neck and wraparound bridge....Ready To Rock used $179

Taylor 710LTD from 1992 w/ of the best Taylors I've ever seen! used $999


Peavey Zodiac EX electric bass in "ready to rock" condition used $129

Ibanez Salvador AEG-10N slim nylon string acou/elec cutaway in VG++++ condition used $149

Lanakai LUTU-21S...Better intonation, better finish, better tuners and a FREE gig bag....We like'em new $89
Squier Affinity Strat with Fender Locking Tuners & Wilkenson Vintage '60s Pick-ups...WAY better than new used $139
Austin APB-200 P-Bass in white....our BEST under $200 Bass....Plays Great! new $199
Ventura VWD4 full size classical....nice construction, good action and sweet tone...START HERE new CALL
Ibanez RG170 with 2 humbuckers & 1 single coil....another great $99 guitar!! used $99
Fender American Standard Strat in cream w/maple board from 2010 in MINT condition....INC G&G HSC & all the case candy! used $799
First Act ME402...They take some doing but with some patience they play and sound just fine! used $69
Ovation C2078LX Custom Elite LX in sunburst from 2002....Acou/Elec cutaway with HSC...."near mint" used $499
Ibanez GSR 200 P/J Bass in VG++++ condition used $149
Eastman E10SS in better than new condition w/pro set-up, K&K pick-up, custom pickguard and deluxe HSC...look no further used $799
Ovation Collectors Edition 1990-7 in MINT condition....Birdseye Maple top & headstock, electronics and OHSC.....Unique used $759
Stagg 335 in sunburst with set neck and NO issues used $199
Epiphone LP Standard LE in Purple Sparkle....MIK in 2006....VG+++ condition used $279
Takamine NP-65C cutaway nylon string from 1992....made in Japan...factory pick-up system and HSC.....VG++++ used $499
Squier Espirit From 2005 or says made by Fender but it looks and acts more like a Gibson, and I mean that in a good way!!....pretty rare too used $399
Art & Lutherie Cedar Left in Antiqueburst....beat solid top, non-Asian lefty anywhere near this price! new $399
Kohala TIKI Soprano Uke in colors and built-in chromatic tuner and Aquila strings....Yes, it is a great "cheap" Uke new $69
Squier Affinity Strat in Sunburst w/70s Fender decal!!  looks good, plays good & sounds good too used $99
Art & Lutherie CW Cedar Q1 in Antiqueburst....our best selling acou/elec from Canada new $499
Jay Jr 43 PAK (comes w/everything!!) in natural.....BEST inexpensive 3/4 steel string guitar I have found new $139
Art & Lutherie Folk Cedar in Antiqueburst...;the smallish guitar that has a sweet tone and is very comfy new $369


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